Slip rings 

Slip rings

Capsule, through-bore, terminals slip rings

Capsule, through-bore, terminals slip rings

Capsule slip ring

Série SVTS A (SRC)

Outside diameter: 12 - 25 mm
Current: 2A
Power : 240 VAC/DC
N. of circuits: up to 56
Protection: IP65 (option)

Electric Rotary Joints with Through Hole


Through hole: 12 - 100 mm
Curent: up to 20 A
Voltage: 600 VAC/DC
Protection: IP65

Electric Rotary Joints


Outside Diameter: 32 - 45 mm
Current : 14 A - 20 A
Power : 400 VAC/DC
Speed: 400 t/min
Protection : IP51 (IP65 option)

Electrical Slip Rings

Slip rings are made up of two parts: an external part generally called STATOR (because it is stationary in most cases) made up of brushes of noble materials (metal fibers plated with gold or silver) and an internal part called ROTOR (because it usually rotates) made up rings also constructed with noble materials. This operation is, of course, reversible and in this case the external part which is normally fixed, can be in rotation around the internal part (normally in rotation) which is then stationary.
For its electrical commutators, we pay particular attention to the design and production of the two elements that come into contact: the brushes and the rings (or rings). The choice of precious materials, the thickness, the particular geometry, the choice of appropriate bearings, make it possible to achieve a lifespan estimated at 50 million rotations.